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Premium Quality Consultants (PQC)

Premium Quality Consultants (PQC) is an Australian managed company in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) that specialises in implementing operations management and financial reporting systems. PQC is an authorized partner for various software systems from Australia, New Zealand and Europe for inventory and stock control, project & job management, accounting, time tracking and POS (Point-Of-Sale) systems.

We are "Corporate Financial Doctors" and work with the existing management team to enhance the information systems, efficiency & coordination in organizations without reducing staff or changing salaries. This can involve financial restructuring to help companies improve their profitability and operations.

Our services are specially suitable for companies that need to reorganise their operations and improve their internal communication & co-ordination systems in order to become more streamlined, organised & competitive. Organisations that are facing losses and cash flow problems can also benefit from our services. In the present economic climate it is crucial that organisations revamp & refine themselves and become more organised, efficient and profitable.