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Premium Quality Consultants (PQC)

Premium Quality Consultants (PQC) is an Australian managed company in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) that specializes in implementing business management & financial reporting systems. We are business systems restructuring specialists and help companies to stop using Excel & Word to manage their business operations.

As "Corporate Financial Doctors" we work with the existing management team to increase business profitability & streamline operations. PQC provides solutions to improve systems, processes & information accuracy in organisations.


There are 3 things all organisations can do to make themselves better.

(a) Employ professional high calibre people who are well trained & motivated.
(b) Implement good systems & processes to manage and streamline operations.
(c) Seek professional unbiased advice from experienced business consultants.

We focus on (b) & (c). Our experienced staff will understand your business needs and will recommend & implement the best solutions to suit your requirements.

Global Partnerships

PQC is a global partner for leading online software systems from Australia, New Zealand, USA & Europe for sales management, inventory control, project tracking, job costing, accounting and POS (Point-Of-Sale) systems.

Please click here to see the list of softwares.


PQC implements business management systems that integrate the activities of the sales, procurement, operations, warehousing, manufacturing & accounting departments. This includes solutions for following up sales enquiries, preparing & tracking quotations, invoices, purchase orders, job costing & inventory management. The systems we offer are useful for all types of companies including manufacturers, traders & service providers.

Our services are specially suitable for companies that need to reorganise their operations and improve their internal communication & co-ordination systems. Organisations that are facing losses and cash flow problems can also benefit from our services. In the present economic climate it is crucial that organisations revamp & refine themselves and become more organised, efficient and profitable.

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