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Other Financial Services

Premium Quality Consultants (PQC) provides the following specialised services;

  • Cost reduction consultancy
    Reducing costs without reducing salaries or employees.
  • Set selling prices
    Setting selling prices that cover all direct costs and indirect fixed overheads.
  • Streamlining processes and internal systems
    Review existing systems, policies, procedures & processes to improve efficiency & productivity.
  • Cashflow Management
    Analyze the current cash position & future cash requirements to determine your cashflow situation and recommend ways to improve debt collection, manage suppliers, handle Letters of Credit (LC’s) and obtain bank finance.
  • Profit Improvement
    Job & product costing analysis to reveal the true profit margins of different products, jobs & services.

We undertake a detailed analysis to understand the unique characteristics and operating environments of our clients and tailor our products & services to match their requirements. All our clients receive a customized service that fully takes into account their individual needs, preferences and requirements.