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DEAR: Inventory/Stock & Business Management System

Dear Inventory

DEAR is an online inventory & business management system that is useful for organisations that buy, sell and keep inventory. It is ideal for trading companies, distributors, importers & manufacturers.

Online internet based Access from any computer, tablet or mobile phone
Multi-currency Buy & sell in any currency
Attach documents to transactions Attach supplier quotations, invoices, price lists, etc to verify cost of items
No need to change accounting system Continue to use Tally, Sage, PeachTree, QuickBooks, Xero, etc
Sales Management
Quickly & accurately prepare quotations & invoices
Quotations & invoices Prepare & email from mobile phone
Profit margins & profitability Know profitability of each sale
Sales by salesperson Calculate sales commissions, bonus, performance, etc
Credit limits for customers Avoid over-selling to risky customers
Pricing tiers Set different prices for Export, Retail, Wholesale, etc.
Drop Shipments Process orders for items not in stock & immediately order them from suppliers
Consignment stock Track your inventory items kept with customers
Reserve stock When customer confirms order reserve the stock so that it cannot mistakenly be sold to anyone else
Purchase Management
Manage the procurement process and supplier management
Purchase Orders Prepare & email from mobile phone
Supplier records & transaction history See what price was paid in the past
Partial deliveries Know what items have not been delivered
Landed costs Accurately determine product costs
Inventory Management
Manage, track & control stock
Multi-warehouse Manage unlimited warehouse locations
Product photos & images Easily identify similar looking products
Barcodes & scanners Quickly manage movement of products
Expiry dates Identify products that are expiring soon
Product serial numbers Useful for warranty claims & repairs
Bin locations Easily find items in warehouses
Product variants Product can have different colours, sizes, textures, etc
Pick, Pack & Ship documents Send goods with correct documentation
Stock-On-Hand quantity available Know exact quantity available for sale
Reorder levels & low stock alerts See what items have low stock & need to be ordered soon
Inventory valuation Know value of all stock for insurance
Manage the manufacturing process in manufacturing companies
Bill Of Materials Create products using components
Product kits & bundles Sell multiple products together as a single product
Production batch numbers Product traceability & warranty claims
Job Management
Manage projects, jobs, schedules & costing
Job costing Track cost of material, labour, time
Milestones Divide jobs into tasks & stages
Scheduling Schedule important dates & events
Invoicing Automatically invoice client as stages of the job get completed
Integrate with online shops & eCommerce platforms to manage online sales
Integrate with online stores & webshops Link with Shopify, Magento, eBay, etc.
Synchronise inventory levels Manage stock shared between physical shops & online stores
Pack & dispatch online sales orders Process documentation for all orders

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