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OrderHarmony: Inventory/Stock Management System

Order Harmony Inventory System Dubai, UAE

OrderHarmony is an online inventory management system from UK that is useful for organisations that buy, sell and keep inventory. It is ideal for trading companies, distributors & importers.

Special Features

  • Suitable for trading companies, shops, online stores & retail outlets
  • Access from any computer, BlackBerry, iPhone or mobile phone
  • Safe & secure just like internet banking
  • Multi-currency & Multi-warehouse
  • Affordable monthly pricing
  • No need to change accounting system

Inventory Control

  • Create & consolidate Purchase Orders
  • Track partial receipts
  • Use Barcodes & scanners
  • Include product photos, images & detailed descriptions
  • Preset reorder quantities & low stock alerts
  • Stock-On-Hand & inventory valuation
  • Cost-Of-Goods-Sold & Profit Margin calculation

Operations Management

  • Allocate & reserve stock
  • Print Invoices, Delivery Notes & Pick Sheets
  • Handle multiple delivery addresses, partial deliveries & discounts
  • Email customers automatically when orders accepted & dispatched
  • Track sales by salesperson, source, etc.

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