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Our Clients


Premium Quality Consultants (PQC) transforms companies from “functioning organizations” into “exceptionally well managed” entities.

Our clients include the following:

  • Owners & managers who want to increase the profitability, productivity & efficiency of their companies.
  • Companies that are facing losses & cash flow problems & want to refine their operations & introduce budgeting, costing & cash forecasting systems.
  • Businesses that are undergoing transition and need to redefine their communication & financial reporting systems.
  • Companies that are experiencing rapid expansion & growth and now need to revamp their internal processes & reporting systems.
  • Organizations that want to undertake an independent unbiased review of their operations.
  • Newly appointed senior managers who need to improve the functioning & operations of the organization.
  • Businesses that have recently downsized and now need to reorganize their internal controls & financial reporting systems.