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ZOHO: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & Business Management System

ZOHO Business Management System

ZOHO is a complete online solution that integrates the sales, marketing, purchasing, inventory, project management & operations departments. It helps to track leads & enquiries, deals, follow up, reminders, quoting and invoicing. ZOHO allows managers to manage business operations from their mobile phone & actively pursue every sales opportunity.

Online internet based Access from any computer, tablet or mobile phone from anywhere anytime
Unlimited simultaneous users All employees can use the system at the same time
No need to change accounting system Continue to use Tally, Sage, PeachTree, QuickBooks, Xero, etc
Sales Management
Quotations & invoices Prepare & email from your mobile phone
Convert quotes into invoices Automatically create invoices when quotes are approved
Track quotations See status of all quotes
Follow up Track leads, prospects, deals, quotes
Sales pipeline Manage sales stages & monitor progress
Task management Create tasks & To-Do Lists
Reminders Create reminders for future tasks
Team work Assign work to colleagues
Sales targets & territories Set sales targets for each sales person
Discounts Automatic discounts based on quantity
Calendar Schedule appointments in shared calendar & sync with Google/Apple/Outlook
Workflow rules Automatically create follow up activities
Email marketing Prepare mailing lists & email campaigns
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Database Maintain database and history of all leads, enquiries, customers & prospects
Notes & comments Record notes, discussions, decisions
Attach documents File contracts, agreements, price lists, etc
Email management View & track all email correspondence
Price Lists Set special prices for different customers
Operations Management
Inventory Stock management
Low stock Alerts when stock needs to be re-ordered
Multi-currency Buy & sell in any currency
Access rights Control user rights & authority levels
Document sharing Store and access documents & files
Expense claims Take photos of receipts & submit expense claims from mobile phone
Reports & dashboards Charts, graphs, analytics
Purchase Orders Prepare & email from mobile phone
Project Management
Milestones Create & manage project milestones
Tasks & sub-tasks Create dependencies
Deadlines Set start/ end dates for projects, tasks, etc
Status Track status of all projects & tasks
Staff allocation Allocate staff to projects, tasks, etc
Timesheets Compare actual with budgeted hours
Chat & collaborate Inbuilt chatting with staff
Gantt charts Drag & drop functionality
Employee Management
Attendance Track attendance & absenteeism
Annual leave Monitor annual leave utilisation
Holiday approval Holiday request & approval process
Employee records Store employee information
Staff availability See scheduled holidays for all staff

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